Reminder: Final Project Ballot

Visit this link to fill out a ballot for your final project positions. The deadline is Monday, April 3, by noon.

Also, would each "pitch" group designate someone to post their final project pitch to the blog at some point? I think there were seven or eight final project pitches at last count. It would be helpful to see them all in one place.


Copy deadline and photo/audio deadline

Just wanted to send a reminder out about Friday's deadline. Send your copy to Jen and your editor by 6 p.m.

The next deadline is Tuesday, April 4. Send photos and audio to your assigned editor by 6 p.m. Include your two best photos and please also make sure to include photo credits and headlines. As far as audio, each group should send a total of at least 30 seconds of finished sound.


Issue 4 overview

Here are the remaining deadlines for issue 4, as well as information about fonts, color, and assigned story numbers.

Copy | Friday, March 31 by 6 p.m. Send to Jen and your editor.
Two best photos | Tuesday, April 4 by 6 p.m. Send to your editor.
Multimedia elements | Thursday, April 6. Send to your editor.
Finish sites | noon on Friday, April 7.

Arial for the text, Verdana for captions and headlines

Same standards as before…white, black, gray (666666 or 999999) plus
one color of your choice.

Group numbers:
1. Maria/Sarah
2. Rebecca/Alissa
3. Tripp/Abe
4. Cara/Erin/Aili
5. Khody/Cardiff
6. Matt/Anne
7. Jill/Sushil
8. Courtney/Larrison
9. Rodrigo/Julia
10. Erik/Mariana


I think it’s time to throw my idea hat into the ring as well. I agree, to a certain extent, with Anne and Erin about the place themes seeming a little tired but I am not so quick to give up. In past years perhaps the reporting or story ideas added to what seemed like a played out theme (No offense intended for last years’ classes). But with good story ideas like this class is capable of I think we can get people to re imagine a place that they may take for granted.

I’d like to propose waterways as a theme. As it gets warm around here think about how nice it will be reporting along and on the waterways of NY. We can find unique people that use the water for recreation, study; do projects on the state of the waterways; and look at them from any number of angles. I think in a theme like this there is something for everyone no matter what your taste in stories - a wide variety of stories that would be of interest for us in reporting them and for readers to our site.

And I think our theme, whether it is waterways or not, needs to be place or idea based. Although people make every story compelling, as a theme I think they can be too diffuse. Places, though they may seem played out, give a physical location in which to base the story. It makes it much easier for the reader to gain their footing in the context before being taken on a bunch of diversions and stories.

In talking to Tripp he mentioned an idea Matt Reed had (and I hope Matt doesn’t mind me putting this out there) about a project that looks at the Iraq war’s influence on NY. This is what I am talking about when I say idea-based. In my mind it doesn’t have to center on politics or conflict, and can move off into artists’ take and any number of other things you might not think of when originally thinking of the idea. And Matt please jump in here if I have it wrong or you want to add anything.

It is a grander idea that moves us above the simple place theme, but it has a very good central premise. If you like the waterways theme let me know, we can sharpen story ideas and make it into a great pitch. If you like Matt’s idea, reach out to him or post to the blog.

But my personal thought on the people-based themes is that it doesn’t feel concrete or compelling enough. Again, just my thought and thanks Erin and Anne for advancing the discussion.


Before you publish issue 3

Hello friends,

I really like what you've done with issue 3 -- great improvements all around.

A few things to consider before you publish:
I love the flash movie on the hp, but it does'nt link to anything. That's an awful lot dead real estate.
The video blog link is dead
If you havent' done so, I would definitely consider linking to your personal Web site on your bylines. This is the time when you are looking for jobs, so promote yourself as much as possible.
On that note, you could also link to your personal sites on the about us page and the "about this issue page". I would deifnitley link to the articles on the about this issue page.