Sending Video From Laptops

Lost Remote: "AP and Sprint are partnering on SNAPfeed which will enable reporters and photogs to send video back to the newsroom right from their laptops."


I happened to land on Personal Democracy Forum tonight and found this post http://www.personaldemocracy.com/node/852 for a journalism scholarship for the story that best captures citizen journalism. Since citizen journalism is part of our mandate, in my view, I thought I would point it out.


I've been thinking about the next issue, Soundz, and want to put in a claim on doing a podcast on the theme of analog vs. digital, what the difference in sound is, and why vinyl record sales are almost back up to the levels of the 1970s.


state of the media

Here's some nice vactaion reading for you,

The State of the News Media 2006


Stylish Online Media

A front-page article in the Style section of yesterday's Times talks about what's going on in new media. Good-bye Silicon Valley, hello Manhattan. New media start-ups are making money and attracting investors with deep pockets. The map they use is cool, too.
Click here for article.