For fun: here's a hard-hitting privacy story from the Herald News...

October 7, 2005 Friday
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LENGTH: 426 words
HEADLINE: Shower power; Men and women in the shower: They're different
BYLINE: By Jeff Elder, Knight Ridder Newspapers, Wire Services

If you happen to be reading this in the shower, ask yourself:
Am I in here for a luxurious escape from it all, or a brisk clean-up?
Are men and women different in the shower?
Am I alone? If so, who would I like in here with me?
Let's pull back the flimsy curtain a take a peek into one of life's most private places.
The shower can be a refreshing splash in summer, and a luxurious warm-up in winter. The goofiness of "Porky's," or the terror of "Psycho." But there is one thing the shower is not, according to Dr. Debbie Magids, a New York-based psychologist:
"It's not what people talk about."
"Because the shower is a very private, very vulnerable place. And as a result, we just don't know much about its rituals, psychologically. Yet many of us are there, every day."
So Magids and bathroom products company Olay oversaw a national telephone survey conducted July 29-31 by Roper Public Affairs & Media, in which 1,000 adults 18 and older were asked about their shower habits. (To learn more about the survey, click on olayshower.com.)
The key finding? Men and women are very different in the shower. (And we ain't talking plumbing.)
Women take longer, for one thing. They often stay in for 10 minutes, the survey found. Many women find this to be a nurturing place of escape. "Taking a shower is a legitimate excuse for women to be alone, to check out and not be held accountable," said Magids. And yet, women can't seem to escape completely: Even while under the relaxing spray, women said they often think about their fitness flaws and chores they have to do.
Men are more businesslike. They get wet, get clean, get out, get dry, and get dressed. What do men think about in the shower? "Sex and work," Magids said. "Men shower when they need to and stay only as long as necessary."
One last gender difference in the shower: Magids found that more women face away from the nozzle, while most men face toward it. Why? "I have no idea," she said. "That's just one of life's little mysteries."
Two in three Americans have showered with another person, but more men than women have. "Men are more visual when it comes to attraction," says Magids. "They love to see a woman naked. Women like to camouflage and hide their perceived flaws."
Save water: shower with a friend
When asked which female celebrity they'd most like to shower with, most men chose Angelina Jolie.
Most women chose George Clooney. "Men's fantasy woman is one who looks hot and exudes sexuality," says psychologist Debbie Magids. She said women chose Clooney because he's sexy, funny and protective.


Pulitzers and Online Content

As Pulitzer jurors prepare to meet, an update on online entries.

From Editor & Publisher: New York newspapers vying for the Pulitzer Prize this year are taking advantage of the new rules allowing online entries in all 14 journalism categories, according to administrator Sig Gissler. But, while Web material is being submitted in each category, the majority of the entries remain print-oriented.

"I see online stuff showing up in all categories," Gissler said Thursday, although he declined to estimate what percentage of entries came from the Web. "It is not extensive, but it is an interesting step down a new road."

Staging Server Directions

Changes over the weekend must be uploaded by reporting teams to the staging server. Here's a guide on how to do that:

-- Open Dreamweaver. Under "Site" click "Manage Sites."
-- Give your file a name (any name will do)
-- Click next
-- Hit no
-- Then navigate to the new media server
-- Click next
-- Click OK
-- Select FTP
-- Enter log-in name and password (feel free to e-mail for this if you don't know)
-- Select Use Server FTP
-- Test to make sure you have a connection
-- Click next
-- Click next
-- Click OK
-- Under file on pop-up bar, click the icon that reads "Expand/Collapse"
-- Move files from your new media server folder to the staging server


Animated gif help

A tutorial on animated gifs in Photoshop 7 and ImageReady:



A note on fonts

As a note, if we're creating images for headlines, Verdana isn't a font option in the Photoshop we have at J-School. So I made my headline Georgia. Just throwing that out there.


Privacy pitch

Jessica and I are working on how will commuters in New York react to a potential invasion of their privacy once subways are wired.

Web colors/design

Quick/engaging Poynter tutorial

V. cool, especially section 'color on the web.' Provides some scope and research to our discussion from last week.

Privacy stories

Alex and I are working on cyber stalking.

Audacity help...quick question.

hi guys-

when i am finished editing an audacity project, do i export it as an mp3? and if so, what do I do about the ID tags?



Claiming "Ring of Steel"

Larrison and Matt are looking into the NYPD's proposal to photograph and record every car and person that enters lower Manhattan. This is the so-called "ring of steel" program modeled on what London does.

Privacy pitches...

One of the ideas Rodrigo and I have come up with is to profile a performance troupe called Surveillance Camera Players, which protests the use of surveillance cameras in public spaces by mounting silent plays in front of cameras across the city. On March 19-20 they will join groups across the United States, as well as in Turkey, the UK and Lithuania in an international day against video surveillance.

Good luck to everyone working on pitches today!


Resourceful links to "what is" good Web design

Some people have asked me where to look for good Web design, so I emailed a former co-worker of mine at USATODAY.com who has won numerous awards for his Web design work and online graphics.

This is what he wrote back. I hope you find it helpful. (If you'd like to email him, he's a great guy who is very willing to offer suggestions or tips. His email is: rcoddington@usatoday.com and his personal Web site is www.roncoddington.com)

Here is his email to me:

Checked nyc24. Clean, basic design. Could definitely use some design touches, especially fonts. There are a ton of books on the subject (as I’m sure you know). The one most people tell me they like is Linda Weinman ( http://www.lynda.com/). She’s been involved in Web design since the early days, and offers a full range of products and solutions. I check out http://www.interactivenarratives.org/ to find out who is doing what in the media world.
Hope this helps. Good luck!— Ron

Did we scoop USA TODAY and the Today Show?

Cardiff and I thought you'd find this interesting in regards to our Power Napping story:

Today, the Today show started a week-long piece on napping (and how Americans are getting less sleep) from results of a NBC Today show/Zogby International poll.

On MSNBC.com http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11590296/

USA TODAY ran a story on it today. (It's on the sites homefront.) Funny thing is, many of their sources were our sources, including MetroNaps in the Empire State Building! (See pics of the pods!)

The story page is here: http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2006-02-27-nosleep_x.htm

I'm going to write the reporter now (because I know him) and just inform him that *we* actually had the story first!!! :)


FINAL Issue 3 pitch deadlines

Wed 9am: Initial pitches - both primary and backup - due to
your editor only.

Will work together throughout the day to refine.

Wed 4pm: Final version of pitches from teams to the editors. Should have strong nut, pre-reporting and multi-media.

Wed 5pm: Editorial team will send one cohesive e-mail w/ primary and backup to Duy/Jen/Jennifer/Jeff.

Thurs Class: Pitch to class. Be prepared to discuss nut and multi-media.

Any questions, please ask your editor directly (in last post and e-mail). Rodrigo provided a helpful phone/e-mail list, so no excuses for late pitches! Call/e-mail w/ questions.

Thanks. Your Issue 3 editors.


Meet your Editors : Issue 3

Hi New Media Mavens:

By now we know the drill. Earth Shattering pitches for Thursday night's class.
Listed below are your editors.

Start sending us pitches.

Our deadline to DUY
is 5 pm on Wed.
We will send you a final deadline to send your pitches to your editor.

We will send this post out in an email... but...Please keep checking the blog for updates.
Issue 3 Editors

1. Rodrigo&Erin Cardiff
2. Jill&Tripp Anne
3. Rebecca&Sarah&Aili Khodi
4. Dakin&Abe Cardiff
5. Courtney&Alex Khodi
6. Larrison&Matt Sushil
7. Maria&Susan Sushil
8. Erik&Mariana Cara
9. Jessica&Cherry Alissa
10. Kylene&Julia Cara