Issue 3: Privacy | to EDITORS

hey All...

This is who I have written down for editors, Issue 3:

Alissa, Sushil, Cara, Khody, Cardiff, me (Anne).

Is this right? How do we want to split up groups? Let's try to do ASAP so we can start talking ideas. Then I feel like the best solution once we're on board w/ a groups idea is to post to the blog (so there isn't confusion about who's doing what first), get pitches by Wed AM so we can edit, check the nutgraph, compile and send to profs. by Wed @ 5 p.m. Already saw Jill/Tripp's idea posted, which is great!

Sound cool? Does anyone have a final list of the groups so we can start splitting up?

Thanks! - Anne

Flash tutorials/Dreamweaver pop-up pages

I think Jill was asking last night about learning Flash. If anyone wants to get a head start before our in-class learning session, here's a few online tutorials:



I think Khody used the one at Berkeley's Web site.

Also, click here for a tutorial for creating pop-up windows from images and text in Dreamweaver:


Underground issue deadlines

(scroll for colors and fonts to be used)

- 2/24 - Friday 5 p.m. - e-mail Jeff, Duy, Jennifer and your editor
story text (three paragraphs: nut graph, multimedia and linkable
material summaries. No questions, just answers.)

- 2/27 - Monday 6 p.m. - e-mail initial draft of your article to
your editor

- 2/28 - Tuesday 6 p.m. - photos and a page design sketch to editor

- 3/2 - Thursday 6 p.m. - multimedia elements due to editor

- 3/3 - Friday 12 p.m. - page design due, leaving time for resolving
problems before 2:30 launch

- 3/5 - Sunday 3 p.m. - final editorial corrections due; notify
editor when complete

For the sake of uniformity, we'll be using the following
Captions - Verdana
Subheads - Georgia
Headlines - Verdana
Text - Times New Roman

white, black, gray (666666 and/or 999999) and one color of your choice

good luck to all...

Script for podcast intro and sign out.

Here is the intro for the podcasts:
"Welcome to the NYC24 podcast, episode (number). I'm (your name)."

Here is the sign out for the end of the podcast:
"To read and listen to more of our stories, log on to our Web site w-w-w dot N-Y-C-2-4 dot org. This concludes NYC24's episode (number) podcast, I'm (your name). NYC24 is a production of the new media workshop at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism."

Privacy Issue

NYC24Tripp and Jill are looking into a story about an orthodox man who felt that his privacy was violated under New York law when a photographer took his photo anonymously in Times Square and then sold ten prints at an art gallery for $20,000 to $30,000 each. The court ruled in the artist's favor. The plaintiff, Emo Nussenzweig, is appealing.

Can we get ALL deadlines, please...

I'm w/ Sarah. No idea when anything for this issue is due...

Are the editors going to be using similar criteria to decide where stories go on the main page? When will you need pictures for consideration? Also, if we've been given rights to use someone elses pics, do we also need to take our own? For the underground exploration story, pics actually taken underground will likely be better than anything we can get on our own, and our main character has given us these along w/ audio commentary.

Thanks in advance!! -Anne


Issue 2 draft deadline

My dog ate my notes from class last week, so I can't remember when our first drafts are due to our editors. Editors, when do you want our stuff?

- Sarah

Sites to Bookmark

First, well done on pushing through to conclusion on edition one. It is true that the first one is always the hardest.

For those of you who want to stay current on the field, I'd suggest these three sites:




See you all tomorrow.




I know there's already been some discussion about this over e-mail...our powerlifting page is having similar link problems now that the pages are on the main server. For some reason, the links to our sidebars are no longer active. You can still get to the sidebar pages by typing in the URL directly, but the sidebar graphics on the main page have been stripped of their links.

It was working on the staging server. Are the 'includes' somehow interfering with the links?

Anyone else having this issue?


Stand Alone Journalism

Hey Guys Check out this great Article from Pew Center for Civic Journalism/ Leonard Witt's Blog

Gannett Paper Experiments with "MoJo" Reporters

While I was at the Emerging Mind of Community Journalism conference, I said if newspapers were smart they would pick up on the Kevin Sites Hot Zones model of solo journalism reporting, but instead of sending them to Africa, they should send their solo journalists to their local neighborhoods.

Well, Gannett's News-Press in Fort Myers, Florida, is way ahead of me and the majority of newspapers with its "mojos" or mobile journalists. They carry digital cameras, MP3 recorders and wireless laptops and hang out in neighborhoods, teach potential contributors and file stories throughout the day to their community website. The project is, according to a Gannett newsletter, a:

"new neighborhood online publishing model, "Your Community: By you, for you."

The story, in the Gannett tradition, is short and to the point and filled with how-to information and caveats.

And very quotable stuff like:

We believe that most reporters will soon be mojos, producing information seamlessly across platforms.
Mojos are devoting up to half of each workweek to educating residents about the site through one-on-one demonstrations. They offer personal training to anyone who wants to share information -- Little League coaches, Neighborhood Watch leaders, civic activists, etc. We have streamlined the process for the public to post information, and the mojos can easily teach someone to do it.
This experiment sprang from two related beliefs: 1. Deep, useful ultra-local neighborhood Web sites can be lively gathering places of people online. 2. We must have the help of residents to build these sites, but they won't know how to contribute unless we help them.

Our websites

Hey Folks,
With the latest email from Rebecca I am caught searching around for the url for those websites we made with Sree in the fall. Can someone please email me the beginning part of the address? I'd be forever grateful...

Re-Uploading Edits to Server

Last night both Sarah and I were unsuccessful when we tried to upload edited pages to the server using the "Sites" menu in dreamweaver. If anyone figures this out over the weekend, please blog your steps.