Printing NYC24 stories

Tripp and Sushil have a print option at the bottom of their article. I think that's a great idea. E-mail would be great, as well, if we figured out how to do that...



Give yourselves a big pat on the back for all your work on Issue 1. The hard part is over. Now, take a deep breath, take a nap, grab a drink -- whatever you need to do to regroup. There are many tweaks to be made over the weekend, but you should all be proud of your first team effort.

Once you decompress, I would encourage all of you to post (to this blog) some of the lessons you learned over the last several weeks. They will be valuable as you embark on your next issue.

Good work!


The POWER Issue, Production Week

We are in the final week of production of The Power Issue, and as
such, here is the final list of reminders.

Due TOMORROW, February 14, Midnight, to your editor:
-Your final story copy
-Your page schematic (drawn on paper is fine)
-Your completed multimedia elements--your slideshows, your maps, your photos, what have you.
Note: we know that you haven't synced your audio with your slideshows yet, so if you are doing an audio slideshow, don't worry. Just send us the photo slideshow component, and a quick summary of the accompanying audio for each picture.

From tomorrow night until Friday, you will be building your pages. We suggest building as much as you can by class on Thursday night, so that we can help you with any finishing touches, and troubleshoot any problems. Remember, it would be waaaayy more fun to sit around on Friday afternoon eating sandwiches than to be ripping your hair out because you can't get your page done.

Any questions, comments, concerns--take it to the blog, or contact us individually.

Power to the people,
The editors.

A few nerdy online things...

hello all and happy Monday -

I'm here to share a few nerdy, yet cool, things I have been loving online.

I love flickr, and now you can spell out words w/ flickr letters! Pretty cool, right? It's like making one of those collages from magazine clippings, except it just takes a minute and there's no glue involved. http://metaatem.net/words/. Maybe a good way to write a valentine message tomorrow???

For those of you who don't use this site, would really recommend it | http://del.icio.us/. You can add all of your favorite Web sites to access from any computer (so no more e-mailing them to yourself of checking bookmarks). Also, if you have a favorite blog or Web site, most of them make their links public (here's Wooster Collective's - http://del.icio.us/woostercollective). Finally (yes, I'm a huge fan), if you're working with partners, like for this class, it's easy to add links here, then can both access the same information.

That's all for now. Back to work and out into the snow to track down some coffee. -Anne

Oh, does anyone know why I can't link from words now, but only from the actual URL? It's really annoying.


Online Over Print cont.

I couldn't read Matt's post without adding my own thoughts. Since this fall I have been working at www.spot-on.com, where the site's founder, Chris Nolan, writes about her vision of how the 21st century journalist will use the Internet. She calls it "stand alone journalism" and it's different than Kevin Sites. Check it out http://www.spot-on.com/archives/000436.html and let me know what you think.