Production notes

I know everyone is currently focused on their reporting, but I wanted to share a few notes on production. The sooner we put a consistent production process in place the smoother everything will go from now thru our final launch.

Here’s the plan:

The newsroom
511c (and the new media server) will be the official newsroom for the final project. Feel free to report/write wherever you are most comfortable, but the versions saved in the new media server will be the only files used for production and the only versions backed up. This means if you only have a file saved on your laptop or a personal folder somewhere else it will not get used. The idea here is to minimize any confusion that can stem from having multiple versions of files floating all over the place.

File names
All file names should be labeled with slug, name and status. For example, “rally_eule_copy.doc” would by my draft copy about the rally. For audio, please use rally_eule_audio1.mp3, rally_eule_audio2.mp3, etc.

Folder structure

We have created a new folder in the New Media server, called /new_yorkers. It is on the first level of the folder and doesn’t require you to enter the “public” sub-folder. Within /new_yorkers, you'll find a sub-folder labeled "working."

Within new-media/new_yorkers/working, we've created a personal folder for every member of the new media workshop. This is where you should save all working material, including copy and multimedia. Reporters will inform editors via blog or e-mail that they have saved material in their personal folder. Editors would then use these folders to review, edit and approve materials. [Photos will be sent directly to Erik via the
nyc24_final@yahoo.com address Erin has already provided.]

Include all video in your personal folder. Once you have edited videos on a local computer, be sure to move and store your entire project in the /new_yorkers folder. This includes all files in your scratch folders.


The entire /new_yorkers folder will be backed up on a daily basis until launch. This will ensure we avoid the loss of data faced by last year’s workshop. PLEASE keep in mind, however, that any work saved outside the new media/new_yorkers folder will not be backed up.

Next steps
In order to avoid confusion, editors will be the ones to move files once copy/multimedia has been reviewed. Unlike in the first four issues, we will not be asking reporters to move files/folders to the staging server. Again, by streamlining the production process we’re trying to reduce confusion and potential technical issues.

Of course, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the info above or the production process in general. Thanks.



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