It's 10 O'Clock Somewhere.

The long-awaited, much-anticipated and soon to be picked apart by
Jeff Gralnick issue of the New New Yorkers is now available at a
staging server near you.

But first, a word.

What you see tonight is a work-in-progress. Many things are still
coming along. Some of you are still working on videos and
slideshows, and haven't had a chance to finish, or to compress your
files, and so obviously, that work is not up here.

We are also not done with our work. The scavenger hunt and rally
story are not completed, neither is the site index, or the 'about us' page with the masthead. We are missing some photos (clearly, the
donkey photo is a placeholder) and some images (the multimedia link
will become a graphic). Also, there is a slight problem with web browser compatability that would be solved if the people at Firefox would just go away.

So bear in mind that this is very much a soft launch.

(One more thing. The homepage is a flash page with text for each subdivision, and it rolls over and swaps images and text and is quite lovely. But that's not what you'll see. You will see an HTML stand-in, without animation rolloevrs, and with inexact spacing and text, from which you will have to use your imagination. But I will be happy to show you the real thing anytime this week.)

In the next few days, the QA team are going to look at the
multimedia, and the sitewide pages. For now I'd like the
reporters to focus on improving their own stories. Anne sent back copy tonight, which is due Tuesday at 6PM. I urge you all to continue working on your stories, and to take the opportunity to discuss them with Anne, the QA editors, and me--along with each other. Duy has offered to review copy with anyone who is interested.

You have until Thursday at 9PM to perfect your multimedia. We will not extend this deadline any later that that. The other editors and I need Thursday night and all day Friday to make sure the site is perfect. This is non-negotiable.

We launch for real on Friday at 5.

So without further adue, welcome to the New New Yorkers...and give yourselves a mini-round of applause on your work thus far. We have much left to do, but we are really are coming along.


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