The Final Project

We are launching on Friday. So far, many of you handed in copy that
required significant revision, skipped the photo deadline, and
didn't hand in multimedia.

Perhaps you think I'm kidding when I say its unacceptable. But let
me be clear: we're not putting anything up on the site that doesn't
meet a high standard of quality. I would rather launch the final
project with six stories then put up badly edited video,
disorganized copy, and poor slideshows.

The way it looks right now, we WILL be cutting stories from the
final issue. And you'll have to work out with Duy what that means
for you.

So get your act together. I'd like an email from each of you today,
explaining exactly where your photos and multimedia are.

Final copy is due TONIGHT, at 10PM to Anne, copy me. Unless you
have come to me for an extension already, I expect your revised
copy to come in, on time.



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