Calling all Immigration reporters

Hello everybody,

You'll recall that my story topic concerns the economic impact of immigration on jobs, wages and the labor force of New York City. If any of you is covering an immigration story that is also related to my topic - for example, a story about an immigrant business owner or about an immigrant group that tends to work in one type of industry - it may be a good idea to discuss ways to merge our pieces. As Duy suggested in class, a collaboration such as this one would give the site more fluidity and bolster each of our stories. Any takers?

Also, Erin might have previously sent this out when pitching the final project idea, but I highly recommend reading the brief overview of the findings from the Newest New Yorkers survey from the Department of City Planning. Below is the link, followed by a paragraph copied and pasted to this post that describes broadly the particular impact that constant immigration has on New York City:


New York City's demography is not static, but a dynamic process defined by the ebb and flow of people. As some people leave the city for points in the region and beyond, the city's population continues to be replenished by the flow of new immigrants. These demographic processes result in a unique level of diversity: 43 percent of the city's 2.9 million foreign-born residents arrived in the U.S. in the previous ten years; 46 percent of the population speaks a language other than English at home; in just 30 years, what was primarily a European population has now become a place with no dominant race/ethnic or nationality group. Indeed, New York epitomizes the world city.


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